Big Pun!!!!!

Dear porn directors


If a porn actor cannot suck a dick

Do not include dick sucking scene


Concerned professional dick sucker

i heard its a fanfiction of twilight without vampires or some stupid shit

Deadass? Horrendous.

it’s supposed to be a story of a BSDM relationship but since it’s written by a bored housewife who doesn’t know anything about the BSDM culture it just comes off as a tale of abuse hiding behind housewife fantasies LOOOL

Oh fuck, and that ignorant hump got rich off it. This is just infuriating.

Reblog if you can sing a song that’s in another language
its a shitty abusive relationship written by some bored housewife, which got turned into a shitty movie

So 100,000,000 women masturbated to a book about abuse? What kind of abuse are we talking here? Violence? Cos if there was a book about a woman who so much as flicked her man’s nuts once, no man would buy it. We’d hold book burnings and chant “don’t flick nuts!” until every copy turns to ash.

Shout out to me for following the right people. You go, me.

not even close bruh

So he just fucks? Why the fuck would anybody wanna read about that shit? Why the fuck is there a movie? PORN EXISTS and it fucking ruuuules

i think the only reason is that the book sucks and the movie is gonna suck because it’s based on a shitty book lmao

It looked decent until I realized its about some faggoty daddydom and the shit he learned from gifs on tumblr. I thought it was gonna be some type of American Psycho deal.

I saw the trailer for 50 Shades of Grey or Gray. Why are people so mad?

Is it because he’s ugly?

Is it because he looks like he’s not sure if he sharted or not?

What the fuck is the problem?

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